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Winter/Invierno 2014 – Vol.16 No.2 Utah, Las Americas


Ayotzinapa y Ferguson: Sanctioned militarized murder of black and brown students must be stopped:

On September 26, a group of 43 college students from Iguala, Mexico attending Raul Isidro Burgos College of Ayotzinapa went “missing.” These students dreamt of becoming teachers. They filled buses to protest against the cuts to their state-financed college at at a public event featuring a speech by Iguala’s mayor’s wife, María de los Ángeles Pineda Villa. Students hoped that this protest would help them raise money that would allow them to continue their schooling. Unbelievably, this lawful protest resulted in the “disappearance” of 43 innocent students just 77 miles from Iguala. More…


Stepfamilies: Similar, yet so different

The stepfamily. There are countless stories of teens from newly merged families struggling to adjust to a new family structure made up of new siblings, and a new parent. It is a difficult thing to adjust to, and racial tensions can make that new life adjustment even harder to get used to. I have a stepfamily. When I was fifteen years old, my mother died and my father found a girlfriend. She was a kind woman, sweet and funny, and had three children of her own, all younger than I was. It seemed like a good match for me and my siblings, and it made my father happy. As their relationship progressed, my dad’s girlfriend and her children moved into our home and we started beginning our lives together. More…


Hiding Behind the American Shadow

Throughout these past few years, there has been an increasing demand for the U.S. to grant citizenship to undocumented individuals. . A growing community of eligible Dreamers and supportive ally communities have mobilized to demand that Congress or the President establish citizenship for undocumented individuals, making many  major headlines over the  past few years. Many undocumented activists have developed  a powerful voice to defend themselves and to set an example of civic engagement in their community. More…


Testimonio: Surviving a sexual assault

One in three women are raped or sexually assaulted in Utah. Although I’ve heard this statistic many times, I was lucky to be one of the women without that traumatic experience. I believed that if I were threatened with it happening to me, I would do everything in my power to prevent it—even die—than have someone take advantage of my body. I never imagined not being able to protect myself or prevent it. More…


U of U addresses college students & food insecurity

The increasing food insecurity among low-income, unemployed Black, and Latina/o populations in the U.S. is also now an issue colleges and universities have to face. In the last few years, food pantries have been established at higher education institutions across the nation—including at the University of Utah— to address the fact that financial demands on college students limit their ability to purchase sufficient and nutritious food. More…


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