Initially published in the fall of 1993 by a group of seven Chicana/o students, Venceremos launched by boldly proclaiming the endeavor as a “progressive Chicana/o journalism.” The inaugural house editorial of Venceremos written by Greg Marcial, claimed that the newspaper aspired to improve  the quality of life for Chicana/o communities on campus, throughout the city, state, and southwestern region of the United States. Venceremos was promoted as a vehicle with which to “expose and oppose the negative depictions of Chicana/os which often appear in the media of the dominant culture.”

Over the past 15 years, approximately 20 issues of Venceremos have been published with varying frequency, with the most recent iteration occurring after a five-year-hiatus in the winter of 2008 under  the helm of the first Chicana editor. For the 2008-2009 academic year, a group of 12 students are serving as Venceremos staff. They are enrolled in a communication course especially designed to help support and sustain the publication of the paper.

Archival research at the University of Utah may have identified a precursor to Venceremos. Peldaños was a newsletter produced by the University of Utah Chicano Student Association during the height of the Chicano student movement. It is unclear how many issues were published between 1974 and 1977, and although the campus’ library records show that they house archived issues, library staff have been able to locate them.