By Helen Gwen

West High School


It wasn’t the sound of the lamp breaking

Or the sound of the bed shaking

It was the voice of the woman… shrieking

She cried to the heaven to show her mercy

But it seemed like the only person who could hear her was me

For The guardian angels up above must have be asleep

Or they would have heard… the pain she felt so deep

Can’t be described by mere words

I opened my eyes to his fists lashing out in rhythms

As he used her face and body as his drums

Beating agony and fear into her soul

A tattoo of pain so unforgettable

A scar in her history that can’t be erased

And she’ll keep this a mystery from those who will come

To love her…and it’ll never be traced

The beast was a man his muscles was his power

But these kinds of beasts I don’t consider men

Because deep within me I can tell he’s a coward

I share the same blood with this coward

I do not consider him father…I see him as the sperm Doner

Who helped my mother bring to this world a strong beautiful Daughter

And I will NEVER be like him

And to my Sons he won’t exist


My sons will be MEN…and nothing LESS